A short update on the •April 23, 2014

The quickening has started in earnest now, and that steady stream of visitors we mentioned in our last missive certainly be announcing their arrival now. You see, this an incoming tide of such proportions that if you could see it from our vantage point, you would indeed be mesmerized by the of it. For this is no alignment in the sky, this is in actual fact a and overwhelming shift coming your , as you will all in turn be facing a whole host of benevolent interloper from the outer fields. And when we say interloper, we do mean it in the best possible as these seemingly insignificant sparks of light will turn into a bonfire of flaming love wherever they . For they will not be stopped by any army of negation, no matter hard you try to think otherwise, for they will all make a beeline for your . And even if some of you still may be harbouring of your own shortcomings, they are nothing but mere figments of your imagination. And so, what you still will think of as a hindrance to your own progress is no more real than the rest of the illusion you see around you.