The manuscript of — part 413 •April 27, 2014

Mankind has for a very long time harboured hopes for the future, and even if this hope may seem to be extinguished in a majority of your fellow men, nothing could be further from the truth. For in each and every on this planet that same dormant seed that you have managed to bring into life, and so, within each and every soul on this planet lies the same possibility to evoke that into life. For you are made of the same stuff as the stars as we have told you over and over again, and so, within your very core lies all of the building you ever need to make that dream come into fruition. And even if you may think yourself outnumbered in such a way, your dreams have few chances to make it all to become reality, it is in the opposite that is true. For even if so much of what you see around you seems to be pointing towards a scenario of wars and famine, death and destruction, either by mankind’s own weapons or by mankind’s ignorance and greed, this is merely a small piece of what is truly surrounding you.