The Council of The Twelve — “Fun”

By Kathy Vik

And so we begin.

We tell you of , of things which are in your becoming, we personalize, we maximize impact, we weave strands of thought within octaves of meaning, and allow each reader to which symbols, indeed which letters on the , /he resonates with. The beauty of such a system ensures that those who read, who listen, watch or attend, those who are with us now are here purposefully. If that purpose is to throw contrast on held interpretations, introducing a bit of color and light into a quiet, subdued tableau, so be it. Use what you like, leave the rest.

And so this day we are wishing to explain personality theory in perhaps different terms as has been presented previously. There are visuals, and metaphors, if you find this handy.

Imagine a ball of light-encoded , a ball of the clouds you have begun to speak of in your science. A cloud of information, riding light, , highly encoded information. This ball is, of course, aware, and due to its construction, it can be understood that this ball of information knows all, has access to all information.