“Turn the Light Toward Self” – Source: The Council of the Twelve

This day we wish to speak to you of the great love we know for you.

This may seem a subject of simple tidings, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

We are gratified and that you have to join us this day, as, although ever present, we be appreciated without intent. Your intent. Your focus and mysteriously innate that there more, this drives you to a place in which we can have a little discussion about your worth and place.

The channel understands it is no accident she finds herself stepping into her cabin next to our Sequoia on this, a , a work day, the of three events which sealed something for her she had long planned to come to understand at this time. No accident, and yet, is it not a of simple decisions?

Has it not ever been a series of simple decisions, for each of you? Day to day, in-the-moment, each make decisions, have thoughts, hunches, moving them here and there, if heeded. And each thinks, to lesser or greater degrees, that this is all somehow random, that there is no plan afoot, and we wish to dispel such thinking this day, with your ever grand permission.