“Wind, Revisited” – of the

We have but a short message for our dear readers this evening, and of course this .

to you, through you, all around you is a wind. We have talked of wind before, and we wish to discuss this topic to illustrate a mechanism which is leading, and will lead, many to .

Have you , dear ones, that in a strong wind, one must hang on to that which they do not want to lose? Deliberately, that which one does not want to forfeit , one brings closer to self, hangs onto, holds “for dear life.” It is a to a strong wind. One does not want one’s hat to blow away, nor cash, nor any thing which is essential for safety, comfort and well being.

We tell you that there are winds blowing, and their origins are as timeless as time itself, as ancient as the first realized by corporeal form. Unfathomable to linear , boggling, we would say, is the antiquity of the wind whipping through things now.