SaLuSa 23 May 2014.

As we are aware of the wider picture we can assure you that good progress is made, helped by the fact that the dark Ones are no longer able to do just as they wish. Their plan for total control is no longer possible yet they blindly to press on without any possible chance of success. Our allies to forces and their is growing faster than ever before. For our part we observe what is taking place so as to ensure that progress is made without . Many of you are intuitively following the plan for your successful , which shall eventually remove any influence or presence that is not in accordance with the Light. The time is coming that will reflect your desires for from the dark . When the critical point is reached in the twinkling of an you will be uplifted into the higher vibrations, totally free from the lower . So rest assured that regardless of events that are taking place around you, in the greater picture all proceeds well.