8 Imix, 4 Moan, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We come again with more good news! Everywhere on your planet, events are manifesting that are to bring you freedom, prosperity and new governance. When this wondrous is completed, is to be disclosure. We welcome what is on your world and it so gloriously fits into the divine plan for this system. Changes are omnipresent. Mercury is literally exploding with one active volcano creating another. Venus, Gaia and are now in the midst of a spectacular number of climate changes, which are to to these orbs returning to their pristine realities. Our part in this is to mentor your transformation into fully conscious . These tasks are underway as Heaven is preparing you for the reception of this . Meanwhile, the dark and its minions are reeling as one plan after another fails to stop this inevitable transformation. You are meant to alter yourselves into a galactic consciousness, which is to spread across this solar system and forge a new and magnificent star nation.