The manuscript of survival — part 414 •May 1, 2014

As many of you have already noticed, the wheels keep turning faster and faster now, and the engine of change has been put into a brand new . This engine of change is indeed a formidable piece of machinery, and that is because all of the components of this machine are alive. And you count as perhaps the most parts of this machinery, and when we say , we do mean that in every connotation of the word. For this machine, this powerful creation that in turn creates the New is in fact nothing more than a conglomeration of , some of them inhabiting a physical body, such as yours, while others exist on the etheric plane. And together, you make up a huge and complex of co-workers, all connected together in such a way, that no matter how hard any single one of the components tries to hold back because of fear, this cannot the continuation of this whole operation.

For as we have told you before, fear in itself is the single most inhibiting there is, and previously in the history of mankind, a small portion of fear administered at just the right time was enough to literally stop any one of you in your tracks. And so, controlling the destiny of mankind was simply a matter of chemistry. For although you associate fear an emotion, it is in the physical sense merely a result of a whole cocktail of chemicals being released into your bloodstream, and when these chemicals enter your system, they trigger all of those emotional and physical symptoms you all know so well. And we are talking about some incredibly small amounts of chemicals in the of hormones that can trigger such a powerful response, so no wonder this mechanism was considered to be such a foolproof weapon of deterrent for those beings set on controlling the minds and the hearts of mankind.