A short update on the energies •May 6, 2014

As you have perhaps already noticed, much has been dislodged by this recent onslaught of energies, and as such, you will all find all sorts of flotsam and jetsam cluttering up your space from to . But do not fret , this is merely scattered bits and pieces from all of those old constructions having been dismantled but as yet not been completely removed. But they are all scheduled for removal at the earliest of opportunities, so do not think they will stay around for too long and spoil your view.

Again, we speak in parables, but the message we want to convey is this: you are all more than eager to take those first true steps into the brand , the fully formed place of your , devoid of any negativity, however small a part it may still have in your . And so, whenever something a shade darker than the brilliance you expect to see appear in your proximity, you will feel as if is still tainting the whole picture. cold be further from the truth, but it is indeed understandable that you may think so. For by , you have all in some been able to venture behind the as it were, and you have had a preliminary glimpse of the world to be, either as a detailed description given to you during dream state, where you have felt as if existing in that wonderland already, or by some sudden and unexpected of bliss in your everyday life, when you know you have arrived somewhere wonderful, even if it is just in your .