The manuscript of survival — part 415 •May 8, 2014 •

The tide of humanity has indeed passed a crucial point by now, and as these surges of energetic information keep washing over you, you will find yourself seeing the density of with a sharper than before. Let us explain. Again, what you see not an accurate representation of what you are truly getting, and even if this not news to any of you, we will still the need to remind you of it. For as you still see reality very much through the eyes of a , you will also continue to overlook the truth that lies beneath this veil of confusion. It is not hidden from view, rather, it is kept from your perception by your insistence to focus on the overlaying layers of intrusion and confusion. And so, what is there in full view will seem as if hidden in a mist, a mist of much speculation, frustration and indeed at times, for you will as if pushing and pushing on an impenetrable wall of light that resists to let you enter. , that is not the case, but again this is all in the eye of the beholder, and as long as the beholder has chosen to maintain a to the layers within, so the veil will seem to thicken instead of opening up. And so, what is there to discover will seem to become more and more elusive as those thin layers obscuring them all will seem to grow thicker and more miasmic by the day.