A short on the energies, May 14, 2014.

You have by now started to truly feel into these new undercurrents of transformational energies sweeping on to these , and remember, these energies are nothing less than particles of potential, potential that you will have a hand in realizing. For you have by now jettisoned those old cloaks of disbelief, and as such, you stand poised to put on the mantle of creators that you so reluctantly left behind when you on to these shores many lifetimes ago. Again, this as creator gods are not new to any of you, but they will be so in the manifestation as . You are all old hands at , but your memory serves to mislead you when it comes to your adroitness, for when you look around, you will think yourselves capable of only chaos, confusion and . Granted, mankind has a long history of pulling the wagon and to the cliff, but that is history now, and it is that you have vouched will never be repeated, and so, you have all allowed yourselves to into full consciousness again.