The manuscript of survival — part 416 •May 16, 2014 •

As we have touched upon many a time before, mankind has a long history of looking outwards in search for answers. You see, as mankind got severed from the old links that connected them to themselves, they were as if floating in a vacuum, and it as if a void had up within. In this void, mankind has tried in vain to insert all of ambitions and intellectual games in order to try to fill in this gaping void within, but to no avail. For what has been brought into this gap between the real you and the you you have been , was only transient and insubstantial substitutes for that was so for you all, nothing could take its place. And so, mankind was left to search in vain for anything that could make them whole again. For within this gap, even if they could not name it nor set any to try to describe it, they sensed that a part of them was missing. And so, a to become whole again was set into motion again and again, but each and every time, this sent you all searching in the wrong direction.