A short update on the May 24, 2014

Let us begin this missive by saying that these alternating currents you are currently being exposed to may cause many of you to falter at the moment. That is only , for in this phase of the proceedings, you are not only being reconnected to much of the underlying structures that constitutes your real base, you are also being disconnected from earlier, more measures. And so, you will in many instances be left as if untethered from it all, hanging in a void, or suspended in such a way you will have a time finding your bearings. We know this will cause more than a little confusion, anxiety and stress in some of you, but we ask you all not to into the old patterns of reactions because of this. You see, this is as always just a temporary thing, and as soon as you on to the next level, all that seemed to have vanished will be by something that is much more and than what you have been before.