After many requests to make a long version of my HU Mantra, it is now finally available—- ——- ALAJE THE PLEIADIAN – HU-MANTRA-Theta Waves Meditation—30 minutes———The sound-frequency HU is the sound-frequency of the Source. The word “HUman” derive from the sound HU, and means that we are all part of the Cosmic Awareness, the Source. The sound mantra HU has nothing to do with any religions or belief systems. The sound HU is higher spiritual science and creates a vibration that is enhancing our consciousness in order to connect easier to the Cosmic Awareness. Singing the sound HU retunes your nervous-system just like tuning a musical instrument and draws us closer to a higher state of consciousness. The sound HU is harmonizing the atoms and Chakra points and its cleaning negative frequencies. This releases us from the negative vibrations such as fear, anger, sadness, depression or ego, hate, arrogance and jealousy and we achieve a HU-MAN-TRAnsformation. The sound-frequency HU is pronounced in English [ Hee-Yuu ] as ALAJE THE PLEIADIAN sings on the CD. —————–The etherical music in the Audio Cds of Alaje, has embedded Love frequencies of the higher Light-dimensions. He received the sounds and frequencies from Light-Beings and created audio CDs in order to help everybody to achieve a higher state of consciousness and get easier in touch with the spiritual realms of Light and Cosmic Love.—————–THE CD IS FULFILLED AND SHIPPED BY AMAZON – PLEASE ASK ANY SHIPPING QUESTIONS AT AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE. —————–INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTICE= MAKE SURE YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON AMAZON.COM. YOU CAN CREATE AN AMERICAN AMAZON ACCOUNT IN ANY COUNTRY. FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING YOU NEED TO LOG IN INTO YOUR AMERICAN AMAZON ACCOUNT.———–