Mysticrose by Willow Arlenea,

Mysticrose by Willow Arlenea,

An Excerpt from BECKONS:

By Mercedes Kirkel

Dear one of my heart ~


Today, I would like to tell you about me. I am Mary Magdalene. There is much confusion about me amongst many people, debate about who I was, what I was, what my relationship to Yeshua was. Much of the debate is a reflection of those who are debating. They see me through the filter of their beliefs and perceptions. They see me the way they see themselves and project onto me what they believe about themselves.


In truth, I was Yeshua’s partner. We were equals, as holy man and woman, holy husband and wife. Just as there is no separation within our Mother-Father God—both aspects are equal and yet truly beyond equality, simply two faces of the Divine Being—so were Yeshua and I. We loved each other completely and still do. We saw each other as the divine . We both were prepared for our meeting and relationship with each other, through the many schools and traditions of our times. My training was primarily through the Egyptian temple of Isis, where I was trained as a high priestess. There were many forms of being a priestess in this lineage. Many involved healing and blessing work. I was trained in the highest arts of serving the Divine through what was called Sacred Relationship. This was a school, or stream, within the temple, a very high one.


I was trained to relate to all of life as the play of God, the manifestation of God. And I was raised and trained to see all the parts of myself as holy and sacred—my physical body, emotional body, mental body, etheric body, and my higher self, or spiritual bodies. Upon this foundation, I was also trained to relate to a partner as the Divine Being and through that relationship to engage with that partner in practices and an entire sacred life that allowed each of us, each partner, to fulfill his or her divine blueprint of serving light and love in this world.


As a practitioner of Sacred Relationship, my design or chosen form (chosen by my soul before my incarnation at the time you know me from) was to engage Sacred Relationship with Yeshua and, through him, with all beings. He likewise chose—through his soul’s design and in concert with all the beings of light and our Mother- Father God—to engage Sacred Relationship with me and all beings. It was appropriate for that time and place that I should engage Sacred Relationship directly with Yeshua and indirectly with the world, and that he should engage Sacred Relationship directly with both me and the world.


Now the time has changed as we are entering into a new age, the age of Aquarius. It has been said by many that this is the age of equality between the Masculine and the Feminine, and this is true. And for this shift into equality to occur, there is a particular kind of passage required at this time. It is as though you are giving birth to the new age. As has always been the case with birth, this is uniquely the domain of the Feminine. It is the Feminine that must come to the fore and take the lead for this birth into the new age of equality to occur. And so I have been called to become very active at this time, to come forth to many to support this birth process, to support the Sacred Feminine coming forth, assuming her true power and place beside the Sacred Masculine. This is a call to all women and men, for all have the Sacred Feminine within them, as all have the Sacred Masculine, too. And it is a call to women and men in different ways.


For women, it is a call to assume your power, the Feminine power. The Feminine is the power of love and strength. We all know the strength it takes to birth a child. And it takes great strength to raise a child, as well. The Feminine is the complement to the Masculine. Both have their strengths, and both are required for wholeness. The Feminine brings life energy, love, aliveness, wisdom, faith, receptivity to the Divine, feeling, and inclusiveness. The Masculine brings insight, understanding, awareness, direction, tracking or maintaining awareness, attaining goals, and carrying out the divine plan. Each person contains all these qualities within them, as we all contain the Masculine and the Feminine within. And most people also resonate more fully with one or the other of these qualities, the Masculine or the Feminine. And so one option is to manifest this in life through Sacred Relationship with a partner.


Sacred Relationship is natural to humans, because of the way that we came to be here. We all came from the undifferentiated Source, or Oneness, which many call God. I use the term Supreme Creator. From the Supreme Creator came the first manifestation, a kind of step-down from Supreme Creator at the first level, which was Mother-Father God. All other beings and forms on Earth came through this first division into form. You could say that in some ways all beings on Earth are “children” of Mother-Father God. This isn’t literal because it is at a level of high physics that most people do not understand. I am giving you this as an analogy, simply to say that the pattern of Sacred Relationship is imprinted into your souls from this original manifestation that you are all the “offspring” of.


This does not mean that everyone needs to find a partner. Everyone can find Sacred Relationship within themselves. Indeed, each individual must find this whether they are with a partner or not. This wholeness within oneself is essential as the foundation for Sacred Relationship with a partner. One of the reasons there is so much difficulty and struggle in relationships today is that many have not found that wholeness within themselves and are looking to their partner—or a desired partner if they’re not yet in relationship—to make them whole. This is backward and will never work. People are not ready to enter into Sacred Relationship with a partner until they have found wholeness within themselves through the union and balancing of their own Masculine and Feminine and their union with God. On this basis, one comes to relationship whole, already full. Then one has love and light to offer a partner. Then there is excess to create the new union of their sacred partnership.


A sacred partnership is a kind of alchemy. You are mixing your destinies of service to God, of bringing love and light into the world. A true sacred partnership increases the love and light that the couple is bringing into the world, such that it is greater than the two could bring as individuals. That is sacred alchemy: it increases the love and light that both have to bring to the world through their relationship.


And so, to return to my relationship with Yeshua, we were in Sacred Relationship with each other, and this included sacred sexual relationship. We were both prepared for this through the training we received individually through sacred traditions, especially the Egyptian and Indian sacred paths. We engaged in lovemaking as a process of transforming our bodies into light and love, in service to our destinies. And we were deeply in love with each other. We lived this love through all aspects of our lives, and both of us were dedicated to the work that Yeshua was the leader for.


Today, as two thousand years ago, we are dedicated to supporting all humans in this process of upliftment and growth in God’s love and light. The form has evolved, but the calling and core is the same. I am devoted to being a kind of midwife at this time of the next phase of this Grand Plan, and thus I come to you with my messages in support of that.


I love you most fully and openheartedly.

I AM Mary Magdalene


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