UFO Depiction
Toledo, – 08-07-14
At approx 3:15 on this date, I was walking to my front door. I heard the roar of jets overhead. I was aware that the 180th fighter wing of the Ohio National Guard was training this week.
I looked up to watch the jets. I saw two pass overhead, at a typical low altitude, as they were just a few miles from the Toledo Express ONG base.
One jet was a few seconds (10 or so) ahead of the other. As the second jet passed, I saw through the tree canopy a much “higher” black fixed wing boomerang shaped craft traveling due east.
The ONG jets were traveling due west.
The black craft had a smooth semi-circular front edge with tapered wing edges, and scalloped back edge. Due to the jets I could not tell if the UFO made any sound.
There were no lights, emissions, and the shape of the craft was sharp at all times. It flew for about 5-7 seconds due east, then made a sharp but smooth turn northeast and then was behind the sightline of my neighboring condo unit.
At no time did the ONG jets appear to notice this craft of deviate from their standard flight paths back to their base.
My first reaction was one of “what the H–L is that?” Then, it seemed similar to some designs of non-publicly acknowledged “flying wings” I’ve seen.