UFO Depiction  Milford, New Hampshire – 07-31-14 – Shape: Chevron – Duration: 45 seconds
Chevron-shaped object over Milford, NH, with many lights flying low; making no sound.
At approximately 3:45 am I was standing at our kitchen window when I saw what I thought was an airplane moving overhead heading in a northerly direction.
I immediately went outside onto our deck to get a better look because I could not hear it in spite of how low it was flying. It was shaped like a chevron or triangle; flying quite a bit lower than air traffic does in our area, was making no sound at all and had more lights than an airplane usually does.
I could not see the object itself, just the lights. What struck me was the total silence. As low as this thing was flying I heard nothing at all.
As I watched it continued to move north silently until I could not see it anymore. I am a 51 year old female and have never seen anything like this before.