UFO Depiction West Suffield, Connecticut – 07-29-14
Shape: Disk – Duration: 1 minute – flying saucer makes touchdown then flees the scene.
I was over a friend’s house yesterday. We were drinking a little and just having a good time at his place in West Suffield, CT. When we both stepped outside for whatever reason at the time and saw what appeared to be a great orb of light at first.
It was apparent that this was not an airplane because it was not moving.
It just remained still for about 30 seconds then suddenly started to jump in random spots in about a .5 mile radius from its original spot.
Then as crazy as it sounds I could actually make out the shape of the craft. It was a classic, old sci-fi movie flying saucer is what it appeared to look like with a system of lights around the circular edge.
What really freaked me out is when I looked even closer and could make out what appeared to be what some call a (touchdown). But the beam of light coming from the bottom of the craft wasn’t light at all. It blended in with the sky and I could only see the edge of it.
When suddenly the beam of whatever it was disappeared and the craft lights flashed starting with one bulb and went around the saucer ending with a single red flash from a bulb. That red flash was the last I saw from the craft as it quickly disappeared into the sky.
I don’t know what that thing was but I am just curious if I and my friend are the only ones who saw this craft that night.