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On July 28, 2014


[NOTE FROM MERCEDES: This dialog occurred during a gathering in Sedona, AZ, during which I was channeling . The questioner was a woman who attended the gathering.]


Question: I have been studying your teachings and have felt drawn to your fire and your softness. I want to better understand the Feminine power in its ecstatic, sexual fire form. What is the way to not challenge the Masculine with this fire energy of the Feminine and a Feminine body? How can I safely contain it and flow it, without inviting danger, rape, and Masculine domination from the out-of-balance Masculine?


Mary Magdalene: There is much to this. I am glad that you have asked. It is important for many to know and understand this.


It has a great deal to do with being strong in your emotions and your physical body. The natural progression for a child is first to develop their relationship to their physical body and then their emotional body, their energy body, and lastly their sexuality. The energy body is an early form of sexuality, but it doesn’t become sexual as most people think of sexuality until a later point. If this progression is well developed and people are strong in this, you have great strength and protection.


At this time, especially in the West, many are not strong in this. Women often were schooled to be dissociated from their physical body and their emotions in many ways. Men have been schooled to dissociate in different ways, especially with certain of the emotions. But for women, it is often that they were trained to be subservient and submissive, and to subdue their strength relative to their body and their emotions—particularly if it was in a form that seemed at all challenging to authority or the Masculine, or both.


For many, changing this will require strengthening of the emotions, and possibly the physical body as well. I do not mean strengthening as far as building up muscles, although you could liken it to building up muscles. But it’s not literally what I am speaking about. I am talking about not having blocks, being fully developed and complete in your maturity in these areas.


This is why in the first book that Mercedes brought through from me, Mary Magdalene Beckons, I focused so much on the emotions. At this time, many—including many light workers, many who are very sincerely on the spiritual path and very dedicated to that path—are still lagging behind in their emotional development, suppressed in certain areas. This has affected your power tremendously, because you don’t know yourself if you are not clear in your emotions. You are not connected to yourself. You don’t know what’s going on. You’re not getting the signals that are telling you what’s happening with yourself and in your world. You have learned to shut those down.


Until you do that emotional work in its fullness and you become strong in that, you will have this problem of being divorced from your power. This is a massive problem at this time in your world. This is why you live in a world that is so dominated by so very few people. It is because all of you have been trained to give your power away.


This is not limited to women. This is also the case with men, although their training happens in a somewhat different way. But you have been trained to submit and to be submissive. Some use stronger words. They say you’ve been trained to be slaves. There is a certain amount of truth in this. And it is why so much of your world is controlled by those who actually have very little power. They have convinced you to be divorced from your own power. So it seems that they have a great deal of power. They don’t, in fact. If you were to call back your power, you could easily overcome them because you are much more powerful. It is simply numbers.


The root of this problem is in the emotions, in not being connected to your emotional body and getting the information that the emotional body would give you. If you were connected to your emotions and you were in a situation where the emotions were telling you—and you were receiving the communication—to be afraid, that this is not a safe situation, that would empower you to act and to bring about the safety that you require. But if you have divorced yourself from your feelings, you do not recognize that your communication of fear is coming up, so you don’t receive the information that this is not a safe situation.


Sexuality is something that requires discernment. This is why children are not sexual at birth. They don’t have that discernment. Sexuality is given to them when their minds are more developed, and hopefully the other parts of their being—their physical, emotional, and energy bodies—are also more developed. Then they have the capability of using their sexuality with discernment.


It is not that you are to open your sexual power to the world as a continual, ongoing state or to anyone you encounter. In general, this would not be wise and would not support you. It does not mean that you shut down your power. You keep your power open to yourself and then you choose in what circumstances and with whom it is the correct situation to open sexually.


In your time, you are given so many messages that are very confusing. You are constantly being shown sexual messages through your media that are indoctrinating you that you should be sexual all the time if you want to have any value. This has created great confusion.


Your Feminine power is not identical to your sexuality. They are two different things. Sexuality is one form that your Feminine power takes, but it is not the only form. You choose when you wish to manifest your Feminine power through the form of sexuality.


You must become wise. You must become discerning. But more than anything, you must heal your emotional blocks. You must learn to, once again, come into complete integration and functional mastery and utilization of your emotions. The ones I am talking about are your painful emotions, the ones many refer to as your “negative emotions,” which in and of itself is a communication saying, “This is something you should not be involved in.” That is misinformation. That is part of the propaganda being put out all the time. It is propaganda against the Feminine. Your emotions—including all of your painful emotions—are part of your Feminine nature, whether you are a man or a woman. The suppression and misinformation that has been put out about emotions has been part of the programming of suppressing your power.


Ultimately your power is in the Feminine. The Masculine is not as powerful as the Feminine. This is not to say that men are not as powerful as women, because men have their Feminine, just as women do. The Masculine is a genius at implementation. But the Feminine is the fuel. The Feminine is the spark. The Feminine is the energy. The Feminine is the power.


With this comes responsibility. Some have awakened to their Feminine power and have not awakened to the same understanding of how to use it responsibly. It is not to dominate. It is not to hurt. It is not to overpower. It is to be used in love. It is to be used in love of the Masculine. It is a beautiful system that works perfectly when it is full, when you are in your wholeness.


Part of your process of coming to the Earth has been to realize this wholeness. It is a very great process, this wholeness in the third dimension. It is a process that, for most of you, will require lifetimes. You are learning about all the different aspects of this wholeness. Power is an enormous one that is being learned about in the third dimension. More than anything else, you might say that the third dimension is a school for learning about power. Many of you have suffered the incompleteness of this lesson. It is a lesson in process and many misuses are still occurring. That is the way beings learn and grow in the third dimension.


I highly recommend that you devote yourself to this growth. It is the most important thing you can do. It is what will ultimately free you from the pain, the suffering, the limitation you have experienced when this growth is not yet complete.


Does that answer your question, or is there more that you wish to know about this?


Questioner: There is more. Part of my teachings has been to use sexual power as part of my medicine, energy, and vitality. When there is an abundance of that in the Feminine form, that seems to taunt authority and the Masculine. How do we keep the raw Feminine fire safe?


Mary Magdalene: You must develop your heart. Power must always be used in service to the heart. The heart does not taunt.


Questioner: I’m not saying the intention is to taunt. When a female is flowing her energy, why does that seem to taunt authority? Is that part of what rape is? What is it about the Feminine that challenges the Masculine in that way? Why has the Masculine for centuries now had to shut down the Feminine?


Mary Magdalene: What I have to say may be hard to hear.


Questioner: OK.


Mary Magdalene: (speaking gently) There is a learning for you in this. In some way, you are still seeing the Masculine as your opponent. In some way there is probably pain inside of you relative to the Masculine. And there is healing to be done.


Questioner: Is it not collective, though?


Mary Magdalene: (still speaking gently) It is never collective. It is always in our hearts. In our hearts we create this world. Whatever you’re experiencing in this world is what you have created in your heart. If you are having this experience, there is some way that it is calling to you to do some transformational work within yourself. It may be difficult to see.


Questioner: No, I see it. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: Are you complete with this?


Questioner: For now, yes. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: Many blessings to you.


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