"Golden gate2" by Aslak Raanes

“Golden gate2″ by Aslak Raanes

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On August 9, 2014

[Note from Mercedes: This message was directed to me personally from , shortly after I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, which I did in response to guidance from Spirit to make this move. I offer it for everyone because I feel there is information from Mary that will be of value to many.]


Mercedes: Beloved Mary, I ask for your help and guidance. I am feeling exhausted and discouraged from my search for a place to live in the Bay Area. The rents are much higher than I am used to and comfortable with, and what’s being offered in exchange seems very small and limiting, sometimes even depressing. On top of that, so many people are looking for places and there are many fewer available, so that I’m not even getting responses to my inquiries. Is this a sign that I’m not supposed to be here? Where am I supposed to be and what am I supposed to do?


Mary Magdalene: Hello my dear one. I am here, as always, and I am glad that you have called upon me. I feel the heaviness in your body and mind and I sense how difficult this time has been for you.


I am celebrating the things you are doing to stay strong in the midst of this. You have been meditating daily, which is so important. You have been caring for your body with good food, exercise, and sleep. You have been talking with your friends and sharing your feelings with them, getting their support and really taking it in. You have been receiving touch, which is such an important form of nurturing for you. You have reached out to your circle of friends and acquaintances in the area and asked for their prayers and practical help in finding a rental. You have shown courage in asking for help beyond your comfort zone. You have remained compassionate and caring toward others and their struggles and challenges, including landlords who have chosen others over you. You have remained in a disposition of trust that there is enough for all. You have gone through your initial stress and fear to reach a greater depth of openness to Spirit’s guidance of your life. And you have allowed your mind to expand to greater possibilities, including that you may live further from your desired location or perhaps may not stay in this area at all. This is all most important and highly laudable. I want to be sure you are aware of how strong your practice and connection to Spirit has been in this time.


You sense that there is still reason for you to be in this area and I am in agreement with that. You have also sensed that this challenging time you are experiencing is for a purpose, which I also agree with. You might liken it to the difficult passage of childbirth that leads to a being entering fully into your third dimension. Similarly, you are entering into a new phase of your life and work, and this difficulty is part of what is preparing you for that.


You are becoming sensitive, through your personal experience, to the great stress that many people are feeling at the survival level at this time. You have been mostly shielded from this up till now. Even when people described to you how challenging the housing market is in the Bay Area, prior to your coming there and experiencing it yourself, you did not really understand or fully believe what they were telling you. You did not have deep empathy for what this experience is like.


This is part of your process of preparing for greater service. You are now understanding in a whole new way the powerful stress that so many experience at this time. You are in a bigger metropolitan area, (though certainly not as big as some in your world) and you are seeing the results when so many people are concentrated into a finite area, how inhuman it can become. You are also seeing the stress created by a higher speed of life and a higher cost of living. All of this is a part of many people’s ongoing reality, and now you are coming to understand this in a much more profound way.


You have experienced sadness about this, not merely for yourself but primarily for all those who live in this circumstance and consider it to be normal. And you have maintained your dignity and heart-openness in the midst of it.


Part of this is for your growth. With the completion of your recent book, your work is at the beginning of a new phase of great growth. For this to be allowed and supported, you need to be in a bigger circumstance than you were previously. The Bay Area is not just a bigger circumstance in terms of population. It is specifically bigger in terms of both spiritual teachers and the general population who are interested in the kind of work you are doing. This is fertile ground for you. And you are bringing something to this area that is greatly needed and for which people are hungry.


The Bay Area is, in general, a kind of spiritual portal for the astral dimension. This is why it has become a center for spiritual teachers and aspirants alike. The spiritual energy is stronger there than in many places, and people’s spiritual practice and growth tends to be supported more fully there—though, of course, it is possible to practice and grow spiritually anywhere. Nonetheless, there are areas on the Earth where different energies are felt and concentrated, and the Bay Area is such a place for the astral energies.


The astral tends to be more mind-oriented and thus tends to favor the Masculine. That is why many of the more Masculine-oriented teachings, such as the non-dual approach, have flourished in the Bay Area. There is much about these teachings that is true and is helpful to people. But like any teaching that tends to be favoring either the Masculine or the Feminine, it isn’t, in general, complete. The complete spiritual teaching and path that is essential at this time is the union of the Masculine and Feminine. In your world at this time, that will generally require the strengthening of the Feminine, along with the opening of the Masculine to value and support the Feminine, so that both may come into balance, harmony, and ultimately union.


Through receiving my instruction and guidance, you have become a voice and a guide for this shift from a spiritual consciousness that favors the Masculine into a spiritual consciousness that embraces and values the Feminine. And you have a significant role to play in this transformation. The Bay Area is the ideal place for you to spearhead this movement. (Please receive the humor of my using such a Masculine term for the very Feminine dynamic that is being called forth to rise and flower.)


This is why you have been brought here and it is not a mistake. The challenges you are experiencing are part of the process of you shedding your old identity and growing into one that is much larger and expansive, just as your work is growing to a much greater and expanded reach and impact. It parallels, in many ways, the process many others are experiencing of being stretched into a greater spiritual size and dimension, as part of the ascension process. This is your particular form of being stretched and grown. You are becoming a powerful leader for the Feminine.


Just as a woman going through childbirth is encouraged to relax deeply and surrender into the process, so do I recommend this for you in this time. Trust in the process. It is for your highest good and you will be fine.


Thank you for all the trust you have shown to this point and that I know you will continue to show. You are a great example for many of receiving your inner guidance and trusting it to the point of changing your entire life to follow it. Thank you so deeply for this.


I am here with and for you, in love and service. Call on me at any time.


I hold you in my arms of love,

I AM Mary Magdalene


[Afterword from Mercedes: Right after I received this message from Mary I responded to an ad for a rental. The woman called me back immediately and invited me to come see it. We met a few hours later and both really liked each other. She told me that a psychic had recently told her that a woman just like me would be moving into her house. We both agreed that it seemed like a perfect fit and I now have a place to live!]


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