If you missed Sunday night’s supermoon, you have another chance to catch the impressive next month.
The Irish Times noted that not only were stargazers treated to the supermoon on Sunday, but also a Perseid meteor shower.
According to the U.S. Naval Observatory, the supermoon was larger and 30 percent brighter than January’s supermoon.
Dr. Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office said that such a bright glare of the supermoon was almost too bright to see the meteor shower.
“Lunar glare wipes out the black-velvety backdrop required to see faint meteors, and sharply reduces counts,” he said. However, “fireballs as bright as Jupiter or Venus” were visible during last night’s lunar event.
The 2014 calendar year has a total of five supermoons, with just one left still to come – the two new moons in January and the full moons of July, August (last night’s) and September, set to shine on Sept. 9.
Below are some images of the supermoon that lit up the Sunday evening sky.
NASA says last night’s supermoon was the biggest & brightest in 20 years.