UFO Depiction

College Station, – 07-30-14

Shape: Unknown – Duration: 3 minutes – Hovering object seen with red and white light making very erratic movements.
At approximately 10:15 pm, I and 4 other family members witnessed something hovering in the sky that we could not identify or explain.
We were on the back patio of my house, and observed a large object floating in the same spot with a very bright red and white light.
The lights were not blinking, not strobing, just on. There was no sound either. We were not able to make out the shape of the object.
We assumed what we were seeing was a helicopter at first, until we saw it move. It would suddenly move one direction, then dart the other way without stopping (from left to right without pausing). It would seem to float and dip, and then suddenly accelerate a short distance, and then freeze. It also would suddenly descend and ascend.
All of the movements seemed very erratic, and not at all like any normal flight pattern. I do not believe that a helicopter would be capable of the movements we witnessed.
We watched the object for about 3 minutes as it slowly traveled several miles away and out of view. We hope others saw it also.