An anonymous article in an 1862 edition of Globus, a popular German geographical magazine, recounts the tale of the schooner Jenny, which reportedly left the Isle Of Wight in 1822, and was not seen again until September 22nd, 1840, when the crew of the whaler Hope witnessed a ship emerge through a gap of a large Antarctic ice sheet.

According to the story, seven crewmen were visible standing on the main deck, yet upon closer inspection, were found to be deceased, frozen solid in the sub-zero temperatures. 

The captain of the Jenny was found sitting in his chair in his cabin, also frozen solid, apparently in the midst of writing a log entry.

The last entry that the captain had made read: 
May 4, 1823. No food for 71 days. I am the only one left alive.

The body of the captain’s wife was also found frozen in another room. All of the bodies were well preserved due to the cold of the Antarctic.

The Jenny had been stuck between the walls of an ice barrier in the Antarctic for almost 20 years before the melting ice finally released her from its icy grip. 
Greg Giles