UFO Depiction

Lemoore, California – 07-29-14
Shape: Triangle – Duration: 60-90 seconds – Triangle Shaped Object Red w/Green Lights – No Sound
My husband and I were driving on Highway 41 towards Fresno, CA. This is flat, farmland country and you can see for miles. 

We had a clear view of the horizon at all times. When we approached Highway 198 I saw a large triangle formation above us (approx. 500 feet), with 5 lights, green with red behind the green lights. There was 1 in the middle and 2 down each side. 

This object appeared to be at least a football field in width; we have no idea on length. I yelled to my husband “What is that?” He was as startled as I was. It appeared to change shape into a straight line, mimicking the radio towers we have seen in various locations. 

This object made no noise, we had our windows down. We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. 

We immediately pulled off the road within 10 seconds we were out the car, and we saw nothing, heard nothing and there were no radio towers. The sky was just black, like we had seen the prior 50 miles.