by Gregg Prescott, M.S. 
Editor, In5D.com

Have you noticed a strange anomaly in how time is perceived recently?  According to numerous testimonies, a bizarre time phenomena is sweeping the planet!

Lately, my perception of time has been wayyyyy off.  The other evening, around 9PM, it felt like it was much later, as though it was after midnight.  That night, I went to bed around 10:30 PM and woke up around midnight, feeling like I had slept all night.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that my dreams have been more along the lines of parallel universes/alternate realities. I’ve always believed that as each new person awakens, the timeline changes, hence an alternate reality becomes our current reality.

Perhaps this perception of time is related to this?

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I was curious if this had anything to do with the New Moon in Libra or if it had something to do with new energies coming into our planet, so I posted the above comments on the In5D Facebook page:

A 16 hour day?

Dan Walper provided a very interesting perspective of time stating, “There is actually only 16 hrs a day now but we don’t notice because we have also sped up with time.  The universe we are in is not sitting still. It is spiraling through the galaxy. We are never in the same place twice. And right now we are speeding up but we have no idea of the change in speed because we are a part of it. Just like when you drive a car. You go faster and your body goes faster with it but you don’t feel it because you are in the car.”
Something is happening with our perception of time and it is not an isolated incident as this phenomena is being witnessed around the world.

Living without time

Upon researching the tomb of Mayan leader, Lord Pacal, the late Jose Arguelles stated that the most important lesson he learned was that we are to either live without time or to develop a calendar that is more in synchronicity with nature, such as a 13 month lunar calendar, where each month has one full moon, has the same number of days, starts on the same day and ends on the same day.

Parallel universes and alternate realities

If parallel universes and alternate realities can be changed by the awakening of the masses, then as each person awakens, our reality changes.  Can this be the explanation of what is happening?

Possible explanations

Perhaps there are new energies that are infusing the planet? Maybe Terence McKenna’s belief that time is spiraling toward the singularity is coming to fruition? At this point in “time” there is no definitive answer.

What do YOU think is happening?  Have you noticed these new energies and how have they affected you?

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