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This is a book of channelled conversations with the Star Councils of Light about the crop circles around Avebury in the pivotal year of 2012, in full colour with 83 illustrations. They speak of how they were made, of their great wish to help the evolving consciousness of humanity, of the transition the earth was passing through in 2012 and 2013 and how the crop circles helped to heal and balance the earth as it was shifting on its axis. There are teachings and meditations to ease our path in these ongoing times of rapid change and accelerated spiritual development since the Earth entered the 4th Dimension. Also shared is the story of Amuna’s journey of awakening to her star counterpart and to accepting being an emissary of the Star Councils of Light.

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Channeller: Amuna Ra
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Peroptimé-Sandalphon, for the Star Councils of Light, channelled through Amuna Ra,7 August 2014.

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