Today (on September 8 – reacting to a circular mail within the Family of Light) I asked the Spiritual World to explain what kind of red light could be seen on September 3, 2014, in the skies above Kota Kinabalu, Borneo from 7 h PM to 10 h PM. I supposed that there would be an Archangel or another inhabitant of the Spiritual World, familiar to me, who would appear and give me an answer, since I assumed that this light came from a source like a space ship or that otherwise it could be a kind of energy field or a kind of orb. – But, that this light then answered for itself, being an independent Essence – was quite a surprise for me; nevertheless, from the first moment on, it was somehow deeply wonderful and heartfelt, touching and ‘homelike’.

Depiction and Dialogue:

With this light, there presents itself in reality an incomprehensible great “Being” (Essence), – for us only partially visible. It shows itself as a long, slender shaft, chink or slit, as a ‘viewing panel’ into a giant world, dimension or sphere, from which flows an immense, warm and glowing Love – a Love that presently is (nearly) ‘unknown’ to us. Until now, hearing of ‘portals’ I never had a concrete idea of it, as I could see it now in perfect clearness and today I feel for the first time, that this term can be used in an appropriate way.

Initially, I got the image/information that those humans, being already there, who have been seeing this ‘Light’, this partial view into an immeasurable, comprehensive Essence, would be now ‘ripe’ for such a direct contact, initiated by the World of Light. There would be a “sufficient extended receptive field” within the spirit of those human beings, so that this approach could bear direct fruits – even though still unconscious – yes: that the Inner being of those human beings would be able to answer. This Inner Part of the Essence of these Human beings now will flourish rapidly and will soon be going to consciously present itself to them.

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