If you haven’t yet viewed the ‘reality-’ quantum known as the ‘double slit’ posted here yesterday, I highly recommend you take a few moments and enjoy it as it is quite amazing. In essence, what this demonstrates is that our reality literally changes if we are merely observing an event- if we are looking at it, it or measuring it. (I have a video description of this experiment below entitled ‘ Quantum’s Double Slit Experiment’.) And as remarkable as it may seem, you may recreate this fascinating experiment right in your own home. The instructions to this home- are also available below. My furry lab assistant Rico (An American Eskimo) and I will certainly be engrossed in this experiment here at home as soon as permits, and I will share my results here on my blog as soon as we reach a , blow the house up, or go back in or something. 

 Dr Quantum’s Double Slit Experiment


At-home Experiment Instructions