Has a construction ramp been hidden inside the for 4500 years?

If we compliment Jean Pierre Houdin’s theory ( below) of an internal ramp hidden within the great pyramid with the most intriguing new theory of pyramid construction involving floating the blocks upward using water chutes ( below), we have both an ingenious method to elevate limestone blocks as well as evidence of an internal ramp that could have been used as the necessary water chute. 

Let’s further compliment these theories with the findings of Chris Dunn ( author of The Giza Power Plant), who states that water are prevalent within the great pyramid. Dunn also concludes that evidence of salt can be found lining shafts within the pyramid . As Dunn , this salt may have been used to create a in order to produce power, though is it also possible salt water was used as opposed to fresh water to elevate the stones? Is the solution to of the greatest mysteries of our time beginning to emerge through clever investigation and a merger of several different theories?      

Greg Giles

Certainly this passageway could have been used as a of internal ramp, and also could have easily held water for the water chute theory as well.  

Internal ramp theory

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Water chute theory