The evolutionist’s explanation of our existence demands that all that today exist do so as a result of selected breeding. In other words; of the fittest. What this means is that all creatures that live and breath today survived to their superior physical as well as mental attributes, their advantages over all prehistoric competitors. They won out. They were faster, they were stronger. They had sharper claws and they had longer teeth. 

Take a long look at this beautiful little guy. Do you think his physical strengths out all prehistoric, and often, fearsome competitors for sparse rations of food? Does he look like he fought off all of hungry predators in his million year for survival?  This is not what I see. 

I see the creation of a being, or maybe even a of beings, maybe friends of yours or of mine, who gathered together and said, ‘Let’s create a cute little animal, with cute little yellow . And lets have him wobble when he walks, and lets dress him in a little furry tuxedo. 

And why would souls with these powerful creative want to create such an adorable little guy? For us. To keep us company. To put a smile on our faces while we are here learning such lessons that so often steal the smile from our faces. And maybe, just maybe, this cute little guy and his many adorable friends have been created to remind us that we too are miraculous creations, something so much more than the result of a long fight for survival.