Image courtesy of Kasia from Warszawa (Warsaw), Polska (Poland) (Warszawa)

Image courtesy of Kasia from Warszawa (Warsaw), () (Warszawa)

by Mercedes On July 28,

Questioner: There’s a tendency in this life to want to change what’s going on in the world. There are direct approaches to that, such as calling forth for healing or praying to change the circumstances. I have the impression that for you and the Magdalene energetic, it’s not about directly addressing these things. It’s about seeking more of the heart and the Feminine in the people that you’re gathering with. Is that correct?

Mary Magdalene: It is about becoming the fullness of the Masculine and the Feminine within yourself. When you do that, it change who you gather with. (She laughs gently.) It change what you experience in your world.


[Explanation from Mercedes: Mary has spoken in great detail about the differences between the Masculine and Feminine. In general, the approach of trying to change something would be a Masculine approach. In general, the approach of loving something would be a Feminine approach. What I understood Mary saying in this interchange was that neither approach is . The change Mary recommends is that of completing or fulfilling our inner Masculine and Feminine. When we do that, our outer reality will shift, because the outer is always a reflection of the inner.]


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