Tarot King of Swords

An Excerpt From
Beckons: Join the River of Love
By Mercedes Kirkel


Hello, again ~


I come to you today with a message about blame. I have talked about this before, but I am choosing to say more about it because it is such a rampant pattern in your society at this time.


Blame is an activity of separation. It is attributing your feelings, your pain, to something outside of yourself, saying that it caused you to feel this way. You might say, “So-and-so is the cause of my pain,” or “I feel this way because of what so-and-so did.” You are attributing wrongness to the party that you’re blaming. In doing this, you are setting yourself up as their judge, the one who knows what’s right and wrong, the one who knows better than the party you’re blaming. You are setting yourself up as superior, with superior knowledge or wisdom. You are setting yourself up as God.


Yet, this is not the true God. This is the god of separation. And in ascribing to this god, you are actually separating yourself from the true God.


God does not judge. God has no need of judgment. God is love and unity. You have been told by some that you will be judged by God at the end of your lifetime and either rewarded by being sent to heaven or punished by being sent to hell. But this is not accurate. At the end of your life, you will review your own life through your higher self, along with your loving guides, to see what lessons you fulfilled and what you still need to learn. This is for your help in continuing on your soul’s journey of spiritual evolution. It is not to give you a reward or punishment. You do not need a reward or punishment. No one does. You are inherently motivated toward union with God because your soul remembers that bliss, that ecstasy, and continually longs for it in the depth of your being.


Judging others through blame and criticism takes you away from that bliss, that ecstasy. Can you feel that? How happy do you feel when you blame others, criticize them, and say that they are the cause of your unhappiness? You are always free to be happy in every moment. It may take some growth in consciousness for you to realize this and make use of it, but, in truth, you always have access to happiness. It is because you always have access to God. You are simply believing that you don’t. That is the cause of your unhappiness—your own beliefs, not what someone else has done.


Pain does not need to make you unhappy, because it does not need to separate you from God. You choose to separate yourself by not feeling your pain, and then you blame your experience on another, or your circumstances, or your government, or your health, or the weather, or whatever! Your mind can create endless reasons why you’re the victim, why it’s someone or something else’s fault. Do not believe this. It’s a downward spiral into endless suffering. This is your true hell, not something that happens after you die.


You always have a choice. If you’re habituated to blaming others for your pain, make the choice to own your pattern. Notice that you’re doing that, and be honest with yourself about it. And then make the next choice to stop blaming others. Just be with your pain. And continue to be with it. Merge with it and notice what happens. You will probably be surprised. It will lead you to peace, to openness, to happiness. This is so, even if the pain doesn’t go away. Your own openness has led you to reunion with God.


Blessings to you, dear one, in the love and light of God.

I AM Mary Magdalene


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