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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014


Questioner: If I speak about the principles of what Yeshua taught, that’s really understandable to people. But when I say, “That’s what Jesus said,” suddenly a whole different conversation comes up. Then they seem to miss the principles. How would you work with that in the world we have today?


: What is the different conversation they go into?


Questioner: They talk about dying on the cross, salvation, and being a sinner, and they can’t really hear the idea that his teaching was about liberation or freedom.


Mary Magdalene: This is because the Feminine has been lost, so people have lost their power. Then they become prey to a form of mind control.


The most direct answer of how to change this, in my opinion, is to strengthen the Feminine. More than anything else, it is to strengthen the emotional body, which is a key component of the Feminine. Optimally, this must be done in childhood. Your young boys and young girls need this more than anything else. They will get it through your transformation, because children learn through their parents or whoever their adult caregivers are.


The work of strengthening the Feminine, and especially the emotional body, is necessary at any rate. It is also what will address the problem of which you speak most quickly and most powerfully. The mind is like a machine. In some ways, it is like your computers. It can be programmed for anything. Your computers are powerful, but they are not good at making judgments. They can be used for any purpose. So you require the physical body. You require the emotional body. You require the energy body. You require all of these to guide you, to know what is really for your highest and what is not, and to choose the higher.


This is the highest form of alchemy, because it is the alchemy of the inner union of the Masculine (in the form of the mind) and the Feminine (in the form of the body, emotions, and energy). This is the most powerful alchemy.


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