I’m continuously confronted with this argument from New Agers or people who are supposedly waking up: ‘My soul contract says…’ or ‘My soul contract forbids me this.’

The innovative quest and persistence for staying in spiritual control systems is amazing.

Have we replaced an earthly law firm entity with some heavenly contract agency that in its divine wisdom has terms set out, of what we can and cannot do, while we walk this earth?

There is no heavenly agency where you have a contract with more or less anal-fixated dis-incarnated bureaucrats who are disapprovingly following your every choice.

That’s not spirituality, that’s the opposite.

‘According to your soul contract, § 441, paragraph 9, it says here that you should marry John and just flirt with Paul, and § 441, paragraph 11a: Do not do things you feel really passionate about. Stick to the contract!’
‘Oh, and you suffer a lot? Well, you signed the 
contract of suffering – so you brought this on yourself – but you can file a complaint as soon as you are back!
The Celestial bears no responsibility whatsoever if it might take a few millennia to file the complaint due to business.’

Seems like the blueprint for it comes from Theosophy:

Alice Bailey in ‘White Magic’: ‘Honor Royalty, the President and follow the laws.’ The Theosophical matrix is very hard core, sinister and very elitist, but it’s not only theosophists who think this.

It’s marketed as: Spiritual freethinking. But It’s not thinking freely, not even close.

The true concept of Freedom is struggling enough, it seems. Can we really not grasp the magnitude of it or is it too hard to grasp the concept of limitless freedom? The God Force is not into micro managing, it has better things to do I’m sure. You know: The Big Picture.

The Matrix loves this kind of voluntary servitude. That’s why it funded Bailey.

It seems like, to dodge the concept of freedom, people will avoid it by sugar coating it, as an expression of ‘Divine Servitude’. The earthly concepts of coercion, limitations, what you should and should not do and engage in, is simply just one more spiritually granted non free nail in the spiritual prison agenda coffin.

The design is still this one bearded God with a judgmental eye downsized to an epic advertisement, for the Illuminati one eye symbolism and its more or less ingenious perpetual penalties against people who do or don’t do what they think ‘He’ says, offers and wants.

It’s still ‘The outer control Matrix’. Everyone too scared to follow their inner call and aspirations, because even Celestial freedom is too scary to handle. I repeat: Is all that freedom really too scary?

‘Should I turn left here or turn right? I better stand still since I don’t remember what my soul contract says’ – the reason you don’t remember is: There is none. You did not sign a lease of being rented out as a slave for your own evolving in 3D. C’mon…. You’re free.

We’re free to live and we’re free to not have a life. Its about choice and free will and if we don’t have the spiritual guts to make independent choices and actually have a life, well, it can’t be excused by blaming the ‘bureaucratic’ God Force.

The argument is also used the other way: ‘I’m special, I have a very special and spiritual contract and I’m literately a switchboard between the Pleiades, The Space Cadet Command (they seem of very little use in these troubled times, anyhow) and what have we….

How come every ‘channeling’ from these places is so boring, predictable and easy to see through? Because they are projections from the channeler, who really doesn’t understand that he/she is channeling from the fantasy layer in the consciousness and takes it as the real deal. Ohh, the sweet, sweet rapture of specialness…

It’s not. I’ve been around too long to buy into that deception.

If the Celestial wants a talk, they can just call. And they often do that. Its all about attention and we still don’t need a $50 in between interceptor. Same design as most religions ei? The $50 person between you and God.

That’s contracting and abusing the Celestial.

Would it be more appropriate to speak of Karma?

Which in itself is just a kind of principle. Cause and effect.

Neutral in its essence.

The force behind this principle is similarly neutral and illusive. Can we see the law of gravity? No, we can see its effect.

I haven’t heard anyone yet say: ‘It says in my contract with the law of gravity, that I especially suffer from it. It feels extra heavy on me, see?’

That would be plain outright ridiculous.

Astrophysics will never find The real God Particle.

That’s high tech want-to-be-God science. History has seen it over and over. The Higgs Boson is merely the new frontier. Labeled: The God Particle.

The God Particle will always be in the un-manifested until we express its power through our hearts. That’s the nature of the God Force. It’s stealth, it’s a breeze.

Our karmic blueprint is absolutely indifferent to whether we like to be lifeguards, plumbers or scuba diving instructors in the Caribbean.

The karmic blueprint in this example would be: Water.

Karmic Blueprints are not based on contracts, they are based on principle and desire.

Many free spirits are trying to set parameters for that freedom which is free of religious punishment whether it would be the purgatory or contract breaches, who frankly both mirror the earthly design, and the contract concept is really just a subtle extension of purgatory, now more ‘New Age’ and easy to swallow.

The truly free spirits seem to be rolling the true concept of spiritual freedom up the mountain sides, because we also have to go uphill on another New Age spiritual Matrix here.

Consider whether you really need to make the universe into a filing cabinet, with contracts for this and that.
The universe is deeply unconcerned with whether you kiss him or her, it would want you to be happy. Karma might care.

That’s what we’re here for, to manifest that freedom, and this planet is not a waiting room.

Maybe it would be a really good idea not to project earthly limitations, and the way the Matrix contracts you from womb to tomb, into our view of the Celestial. And we do…. And it needs to stop.

Love and the love of freedom.

That seems to be the challenge and the purpose here.

The real question is: Can we handle all that freedom? Seems not.

Contracted by bureaucrats in this life – in the afterlife: same deal. No Way!

Contracted is as far from being free as anything gets.

© 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.