The Nazca geoglyph known as ‘The Astronaut’

My all time favorite archeological find would have to be the geoglyph known as the astronaut, thought by many to be wearing some kind of space goggles, which adorns a hill overlooking the Nazca plain, home to a beautiful menagerie of geoglyphs, seemingly only appreciable from high above the Peruvian plain. An equal number of archeologists see not an astronaut but an owl, with round head and equally round large eyes, another animal, like the many created into the plain just below the hill the astronaut is perched upon. 
I do see a slight resemblance to the owl, but I don’t recall seeing too many standing on two big feet instead of claws, and I have never seen an owl perched high in a tree waving hello with what is obviously not a wing.  
What I see represented by the 104 foot tall geoglyph, is a man, a human, one of the creators of the many beautiful Nazca lines. He has chosen this lofty position overlooking the plain because he is saying ‘I am the creator of all these works of art below me’. He is waving up at all the many airborne passerbys he sees and he is saying “Hello up there, I’m friendly! I see you flying by way up there and I’m inviting you to come down and say hello. I’ll even share with you our little secret of how we made these many beautiful animals and insects for you to see as you fly by. That’s why the ‘Waving Man’ is my favorite Nazca geoglyph. 
Greg Giles