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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014

Question: It seems to me that, as a culture, we spend a lot of time talking about Yeshua as an individual and less about his teachings. We tend, as human beings, to worship idols, so to speak. What I’m perceiving that you’re bringing forth are the principles of the Feminine Divine. The Church wanted to make you not available, but maybe more important were the principles you brought forth.


: Very much so. This is why Yeshua was turned into a God, so that he could be distant and removed. Part of the removal was the removal of his teaching, along with the idea that others could be what he was and is. The idea of him being different from all other humans was the opposite of what he taught. So there was much that was changed and much that was lost.


What was not lost was his Presence. People’s connection with that is very real. And there is great power in his Presence. Your eastern religions have recognized this to a very strong degree. They understand that spiritual transformation can happen in a number of ways. Teaching is one way. Another way is through the transmission of spiritual Presence. Many people experience this with Yeshua and with myself. It is why people have remained in connection with both of us, but you might say in particular with me when it would have been so easy for my story, my work, my Presence, my everything to have been buried. But it did not happen because, while the Church was able to change the mental aspects of what occurred—the story and the teaching, they could not change the reality of spiritual Presence. That has remained alive and carried the ember of our work all this time.


But spiritual instruction is a tremendous boon. The most powerful is the combination—for people to have spiritual instruction along with spiritual Presence. This is a tremendous help.


It is also true that in the third dimension, part of being so bonded to the physical form is that beings are more easily connected to the human form of anything than its more subtle form. Teaching is more subtle. Spiritual Presence is more subtle. So the human form is the most accessible. It also gives people inspiration and hope that if this happened for one human, it can happen for them. There is tremendous power in that hope. Hope is an enormous spiritual asset. It can turn the ember of spiritual connection into a raging fire, a passion that transforms and creates miracles. So the human connection is also quite important, especially in this realm. This is part of why it was important for us to manifest in the human form.


Different people will find different aspects of our work that they resonate with most. And that is fine. Whatever form speaks to your heart, that is the form that will feed and support you for this part of your path.


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