There is nothing to worry about as long as you follow the path of your heart. Some of you are troubled with their experiences, at those moments you are creating your reality. That is why, as we always say to you, do not let your light blow out, be shaded, whatever is happening that you cannot see, understand, try to notice it. Let it be visible with your inner cognition, not your momentary reactions. The new projects you will start, the new jobs you will finish, changing relationships, changing wishes, be aware of it all. As you are aware of your change, emerging from the shell you have shed, see what you have left and said yes to. Your path may have led to a dead-end, but understand that this is just an illusion; allow your eyes that see beyond the invisible to open up. There is always a way. Know that the key that will open all doors is at your possession. Call on to us; we are keeping an eye on you, on your paths, supporting you in accordance with your desires. For your highest good.

Love and Light
Archangel Ariel

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