Image by Antonio Canova

Image by Antonio Canova

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On July 28, 2014

Question: Can you talk about The of and your part in that, since the actual book is still to be revealed?

: It will be seen if it is to be revealed. It was one of the forms of empowerment, as the gospels were intended to be. It is hidden. There were things that were done so that it would be most likely that the teaching would survive. It was understood—by Yeshua, by me, by those in the inner circle—that there would be a long period of of struggle, of a kind of conflict, even warfare you might say against what was being brought forth. So it went underground.

It requires a certain level of love and consciousness to be held for this book to be useful and not be destroyed. There is that must be done amongst humans first, amongst those who are awake, amongst all of you, amongst all the workers, amongst all who are available, all who heed the call. It is the of inner union, inner marriage, this inner love of the Masculine and Feminine.

This work will manifest in your outer world, absolutely. But the work is essentially done within each one. When this work is done within, it reaches out and connects with others who are doing this work. It forms a network. When that network is strong enough, then it will be possible for this book to surface and to do its work.

It is not a given. It depends on all of you. It would be most wonderful if that were to occur.

Questioner: Will there be a physical manifestation of that book any time soon, within the next year?

: That depends on you. It is more likely it will take more time. But it is not fixed.

Questioner: Thank you.


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