For those who have never enjoyed To AM on the , let me set the proper mood. Coast To Coast, now hosted by George Noory, filling in for, but never replacing, the velvety voiced Art Bell, to the air when the is long over for most, as the long running AM comes alive in the dead of night, 1am to 5am. The listening audience is comprised of those working the graveyard shifts and truckers their way across the country, accompanied by the few passenger cars like mine also the long haul, you guessed it, coast to coast. 
The switchboard at the station lights up during the shows , and as you may imagine, truckers have seen a lot all those late night miles through the mountains, canyons, deserts and plains across our beautiful and often strange and mysterious countryside.
One of the reasons I became such a believer in the paranormal is hearing all those first hand accounts from so many truckers. Very often, this is how a call to the program would begin; “Listen George, I dont know nothin’ about , I’m just tellin ya what I saw that night, and what I saw ain’t from no where around here.” Ahh, that takes me back to my college days driving from Colorado to Florida and back again, sometimes within a weeks time. A grueling drive for sure, except for those late night hours of 1 to 5am.
Greg Giles