Tonight is my first article in a new series I call Ramblings of an Insomniac Sagittarius. These writings will prove just as billed and just what one would expect from a Sagittarius. Its why you keep us around and its why you invite us to your parties. It is our interminable, occasionally interesting, frequently exhausting, but once-in-a-blue-moon on the mark barrage of philosophical profundities that identify us as as a Sag and separate us from the wallflowers- and God bless them too, for offering a respite of quiet time after an ear insulting Sagittarius rambling session.

So per my belief that the rules stipulate we incarnate through each personality of the zodiac before we can hang the graduation tassel from the rear view mirror (wouldn’t it be boring any other way?),  I feel it is my duty as a Sag this time ’round to at least make available for contemplation some of the thoughts that keep me up until the street lamps respectfully bow to the morning sun.

So whats keeping me up tonight?

Well its this school thing- this Earth school thing. If there is one thing I believe (and there’s not too many more), its that each and everyone of us is a student enrolled in a universal school of higher education. Perhaps the Harvard of the . (And if we have universal parents and their paying for this- God help us all.) There are many courses to chose from of the curriculum offered, though my thoughts tonight are on the ultimate lesson, our assigned and mandatory subject for our thesis paper necessary for our degree. What would this ultimate lesson be? Naturally, the ultimate truth. (Of our current incarnation that is. )

Now what would this ultimate truth be? And wouldn’t this ultimate truth deserve the ultimate lesson, in other words, the ultimate presentation? I would expect nothing less from the tenured faculty that have made available to us this staggering educational opportunity. (I often wonder if we are all going to be considered ‘over qualified’ for any position in the universe once we graduate from this place. “Oh I see here you graduated Earth, class of 2044. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we couldn’t afford your salary here on Planet Gold Nuggets. Why don’t you try Planet Diamonds over in the next galaxy.”) Now do you see why I don’t sleep much? Now where were we? Oh yes, Earth…

So here we are, revolving around and around on a tiny little planet floating in a universe that is so indescribably vast, so unbelievably expansive, so… unnecessarily enormous? Ahh, unnecessarily large indeed. Why build anything, even a universe, so big? Hmm…why did they make it so big I wonder? 

I see the size of our universe as not only a clue to our ultimate lesson here, but the ginormity of this spectacular creation may indeed be intrinsic to our ultimate education. Can it be, could it be possible, that the ultimate truth is that this immeasurably and incomprehensibly vast universe is completely and absolutely devoid of all life, save for our little blue world, spinning round all alone on the far outskirts of a galaxy which itself is more sprawling suburb than urban bustle. So the ultimate truth? The ultimate lesson?

We stared into telescopes and we dug in the dirt. We blasted up rockets and we launched space probes. We decorated plaques with our location and our story and images of us too and we sent them on their way, hoping someone somewhere would find them one day. We beamed up radio signals and we knelt down and prayed, then we listened. Yet we never got an answer, because there was never anyone else there. Not anywhere. Not in this universe anyway. Not a flower breaths, not a fish swims, not a bird flies. Not anywhere across this vast and lonely universe. All there ever was and all there will ever be is us. The only ones who could ever answer us, who could ever keep us company, who could ever listen to our story, who could ever be there for us when we fell, who could ever be our friend, is us. All there ever was – was right here all along. And we couldn’t manage to get along. 
Greg Giles