“Alright, just what did this s.o.b. die of anyway?” 

Greg Giles

Excerpt from examiner.com
Ingenuity is the driving force of the economy. A , exciting idea can set a business in a class of its own. Throughout history, we’ve seen various companies make their mark on society with a clever idea; you can now add Greenlawn Funeral Homes to that list. The crematorium, based in Springfield, Missouri will display on Saturday a to cremated remains… with fireworks. 
Called the “Firework Memorial program,” specially assembled fireworks with a one’s ashes will be launched into the and spread with the help of explosives. There may be no better way to go out with a bang.

The of Greenlawn’s funeral , Jim Carver, will inaugurate their new memorial this weekend. The ashes of his father James, who in 2008, will be launched several hundred feet into the air during an eight-minute firework display. 

While the method of spreading ashes with explosives is certainly creative, Greenlawn’s methods have garnered mostly positive reactions; many describe it as “the coolest thing they’ve ever seen.” The Firework Memorials range in price from an affordable rate of $300 for the “Sensational Celebration” to as high as $10,000 for the “Ultimate Goodbye.”