The Italian luxury liner Costa Concordia as she lists and sinks

While viewing this presentation which documents the sinking of the Italian luxury liner Costa Concordia after she struck an underwater obstruction on the 13th of January 2012, a tragedy which took 32 lives, my focus turned from this unique documentary, which the tragic through the of personal videos taken by a of passengers, towards the small but very interesting light show of orbs that visited one family’s private cabin as the ship began to list before sinking. 

What I find so intriguing the timing of the appearance of the orbs, as they materialized before the and young only when the ship they were aboard began to show signs that she would . Only seconds after the orbs make their appearance, a crew member’s voice comes over the public address system instructing that particular row of cabins to their respective boat. (The orbs make their appearance at approximately the 20:20 mark of the video.)
Greg Giles 

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