11/22 We Are Past the “Tipping Point”: Do You Feel It?
Channeled from my “Higher Pleiadian Self”
By Soferia.

I keep “hearing” (from whence?): “We are past the tipping point! We are past the tipping point!” And I’ve received promptings from the beyond that today is a special day of celebration! Of course, we Pleiadians look for all excuses to celebrate. Every day and every moment is a celebration of some kind.

This “urging” to celebrate today as an especially important day has come to me from several different directions…a friend emailed me yesterday: “It’s the 21st!” and asked me if anything had happened. She knew there was something important about the day. I had forgotten as I seem to be flooded with what I refer to as “downloads,” messages from the beyond that keep sending me epiphanies about how we can access the “dangerous knowledge” my twin flame discusses so much in his work, but never really reveals what it is. It’s being revealed now. It must be time.

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