Lonesome Stars
Time-lapse photograph of the CIBER rocket launch, taken from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia

In Friday’s of the journal Science, conclusions from the Cosmic Infrared or CIBER, suggest that as many as half of all stars in our universe may lie outside the home of galaxies. Not visible through Earth- telescopes due to their faint , these lone stars may be the points that connect galaxies together in a far spanning web of light.   

These ‘homeless’ stars are believed by astronomers to have been evicted by their galaxies by mergers and collisions.

NASA program scientist Garcia said this dim glow between galaxies is as as all the known galaxies , and is redefining previous understandings of galactic structure. Instead of being defined by sharpened borders, galaxies may further , thinning like a morning mist over a darkened pond.  
Greg Giles

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