Angela Lieverse has found one of the oldest human specimens to have cancer.
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SASKATOON, CANADA—Holes in the well-preserved bones of a man who died in Siberia 4,500 years ago that he suffered from lung or prostate cancer that had spread throughout his from his hip to his head. “This one of [the oldest]—if not the oldest—absolute cases of cancer that we can be really, really confident saying that it’s cancer,” bioarchaeologist Angela Lieverse of the University of Sasketchewan told CBC . She speculates that the hunter-gatherer may have lung cancer from inhaling smoke from wood fires, and other non- factors. Unlike other men in his community, this man had been buried in the fetal position in a circular pit an intricately carved bone spoon. “It’s a tragic story. It breaks your heart to think of what he went through,” she said. To about another cancer case in Siberia, see “MRI ‘Princess Ukok’ Suffered From Cancer.”