A weird circular landform recently spotted on the surface of Mars might look like a deformed waffle–or maybe the surface of a . But as to what the strange feature really is–and how it got at this point have only opinions.

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mars mound
An image of the enigmatic landform on Mars taken by HiRISE, one of six instruments on ’s . The image was released by NASA on Wednesday, Dec. 3.

The 1.2-mile-wide mound, which was observed by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Spacecraft, is located in the ’s Athabasca region–an area known for lava .
So scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., offered this hypothesis in a written on Wednesday:

“It is highly possible that volcanism played a role in creating this feature. Perhaps lava has intruded underneath this mound and it up from beneath. It looks as if material is missing from the mound, so it is also possible that there was a significant amount of ice in the mound that was driven out by the heat of the lava. There are an array of features like this in the region that continue to puzzle scientists.”

The scientists hope that further observations and analysis of the image will yield a better explanation of the mound and its formation.

The Mars Reconnaissance was launched in August 12, 2005 on an mission to study the red planet.