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The groundbreaking Voyager 1 , zooming ever onward out of our star system, has been hanging ten on a “noisy” interstellar shock that it encountered in February of this year, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The shock wave –  by long-distance in the wake of a sent out by our – have been continuously out into interstellar space as Voyager 1 rides the wave. These are the same vibrations that first clued in NASA to confirm that the deep space probe made its historic transition into space the confines of our solar system. 

The vibrations caused by these coronal ejections smash up against the heliosphere, sending out a kind of shockwave that reaches through interstellar space. Normally, these shockwaves are not nearly as long- as the one Voyager one has been surfing along, scientists say. Apparently these interstellar phenomena are much more common than previously thought, according to University of Iowa physics professor Don Gurnett.