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[NOTE: This dialog is from an exchange I had with someone in response to their question about the actual date of Jesus’ birth.]


Question: One channel said Jesus was really born on April 17th, 6 BC. Could you please ask Mary for his birth date? We all want to know.


Mercedes: Mary’s information to me centers around our spiritual growth now, in this time and place. She generally only talks about her historical life with Yeshua if she feels it will serve our spiritual growth in some way. I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking her this question, because it wouldn’t feel respectful to me of the boundaries she has established with me about this. I hope you understand.


Questioner: No disrespect intended. I just thought that in heaven you have access to all knowledge. I thought if the people in heaven understood that so many of us here are seeking truth, they would understand that.


Mercedes: This is a complex issue. Here’s how I see it:


First, I think all channeled information is influenced by the person who is receiving the information (i.e. the channel). The clearer the person is, the less they influence the material coming through. But I think it happens to some extent with all channeled material.


Second, the beings who are being channeled aren’t necessarily omnipotent, or all-knowing. They are beings in higher phases of development than we are (hopefully!), but that doesn’t make them all equal in wisdom, nor does it necessarily make them omnipotent. They each have their point of view and reality that they are operating from, which may not necessarily be one that will serve us the most.


Because of both these factors—1) the influence of the person receiving the channeled message and 2) the range of possibilities relative to the being who is being channeled and what they represent—I recommend using discernment in deciding what portion, if any, of channeled information is valuable and useful for you, and let the rest go. It’s the same thing we all do when having a dialog or interchange with someone who is physically manifest in the 3D world. We may agree with some of their ideas or points of view and choose to let those in, while others we disagree with and choose not to let in.


How do we know if we agree with information being brought forth from a channeled being? Ask your higher self. See if the message or information resonates with your experience and your being. Notice whether you feel trust of the person who is bringing forth the information, or trust of the information itself. You have the ability to discern if that is your intention.


It’s also helpful to understand that different channels and different higher beings have different missions or life-paths. Not all beings are focused on bringing through information. Or they may be focused on bringing through a particular form of information but not other forms. Some beings choose not to focus on certain kinds of information, because they feel that distracts from what they want to focus on.


Finally, I believe the need for information in the form of facts and the “real” story is a particularly third-dimensional activity, which can actually be a block to spiritual growth. As we grow in our consciousness and grow into higher dimensions, we will see that there are many possible and coexisting realities and not just “one truth” or “one reality,” or even “one real way that things happened.”


We will see that reality, time, space, and the events within those are much more plastic, fluid, and changeable than most of us currently understand.


We will realize that reality is a reflection of our consciousness, rather than our consciousness reflecting reality. As we grow and change in consciousness, our reality will grow and change. This can include our reality of past and future.


Because of this, different beings who may seem to appear in the same place or time, may be experiencing very different realities because of the different consciousness they are coming from.


Higher beings understand all of this and thus tend to place much less importance on facts and information. They are more playful and light relative to how they see these realities, and not so attached or fixed relative to them. I believe that part of their service to us in helping us grow into higher consciousness is to help wean us of our dependence on mind and possessing information, so that we’re available to be drawn into higher states of beingness and connection with God.


I hope this is helpful to you.


Heart blessings,

Mercedes Kirkel


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