Excerpt from tech.firstpost.com

The US space agency has teamed up Microsoft to develop a new software that will scientists to work on Mars virtually using a wearable technology called Microsoft HoloLens.

Developed by ’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, the software called OnSight will give researchers a means to and, along with the Mars rover, conduct science operations on the Red Planet, the US space agency said in a .

“OnSight gives our rover scientists the ability to walk around and explore Mars right from their offices,” said Dave Lavery, program executive for the Mars Science Laboratory mission at Nasa Headquarters in Washington, .

OnSight will use rover data and extend the Curiosity mission’s planning tools by creating a 3D simulation of the Martian environment where scientists around the world can meet. Program scientists will be able to examine the rover’s worksite from a first-person perspective, plan new activities and preview the of their work firsthand.

“We believe OnSight will enhance the ways in which we explore Mars and share that journey of exploration with the world,” added Jeff Norris, JPL’s OnSight project .