By Andrea Schulman| To have a great life, we must be mindful of the language that we choose to use. The Law of Attraction states that you will receive what you are thinking about.  Because your speech is a reflection of your thoughts, what you say can heavily influence what the Law of Attraction brings to you.

And of course, continuously complaining also obstructs our ability to be happy and productive.  It keeps us trapped in the same energy we are complaining about.

Complaints are result of thinking about the unwanted. As we complain, we send a message that we are focused strongly on what we don’t want.  Because of this strong focus, the Law of Attraction brings more things to complain about into our realities. In other words, complaints take an already low vibration and push it even lower; they “up the ante” of the negative thought because now you aren’t just thinking about the problem once, but you are harping on it by bringing it up again and again in conversation.

Though all complaints affect your vibration negatively, there are some complaints that are so commonplace that for many of us they have become a sort of negative daily mantra. Unfortunately, repeatedly complaining about the same thing results in having to experience it time and again! It becomes a never-ending cycle: we complain, the universe gives us more to complain about, and then we complain again.  Fortunately, if we stop complaining, then the cycle can be broken.

Here are a few of these common complaints in society today. These complaints are so common that we can be easily seduced into repeating them over and over again, so they are especially important to avoid saying (even if they are true!):

1) I have a headache/migraine
2) My stomach hurts
3) I’m hungry
4) I hate my job
5) This weather sucks
6) Traffic was awful/I was stuck in traffic
7) I’m stressed
8) People have no manners today
9) Chivalry is dead
10) All the good men are taken
11) I’m sick/I don’t feel good
12) She is such a b****
13) My boss is a jerk
14) I’m so fat/bloated
15) Men are jerks
16) I hate him/her
17) Kids these days are so ______
18) I’m tired/exhausted/I didn’t get enough sleep
19) It’s too hot/too cold/I’m freezing
20) I’m boredAgain, while all complaints lower your vibration, common complaints can be especially dangerous.  Since we hear these complaints often from others, they can easily roll off the tongue and become statements that we repeatedly use.  Sometimes, we will even use them to start conversations simply because we are bored.  The more that we think about and complain about something, the more that the Law of Attraction will bring us that problem that we are complaining about.  Therefore, to raise your vibration and use the Law of Attraction effectively, it is wise to avoid these complaints.

Just because we are sick, or hungry or stressed does not mean that we need to tell it to everyone we encounter.  Nor does it help to continuously repeat these phrases in our head all day.  We’re better off to see a doctor, eat something or take a day off and keep moving.  There is the problem, and that which needs to be done to resolve the problem.  There is no need to complain.  Either accept it, or act.

By choosing not to complain about our problems we send a message to the universe that we expect them to be resolved. With expectation comes manifestation, so by demonstrating to the universe that we expect our problems to be insignificant and easy to resolve, they will become so!

For reality to manifest the way that we want it to, we must tell our story the way we want it to be.  If what you are saying isn’t the way you want things to be, you can choose to stop talking about it.  Stick to telling people about the good stuff. When you tell a better story you’ll have a better life!

About The Author

Andrea Schulman is a former high school teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She also provides group educational seminars and webinars. To learn more about Andrea and Raise Your Vibration Today, please visit